Yas Muralla and Treatment of Common Cold, Cough and Fever.

According to Yas Muralla, early detection of the symptoms of this diseases is very important. Although these are minor diseases, Yas Muralla said that such common diseases should be taken seriously as this may lead to something more complicated.

As always, Yas Muralla believes that sufficient intake of water, sleep and proper nutrition is very important in maintaining and regaining your health. However, Yas Muralla said that boosting your immune system with herbal remedies can hasten your recovery.

Yas Muralla have suggested some of the herbs that can help.

Eucalyptus – this herb has decongestant and antibacterial properties. Boil the leaves and inhale the steam. Yas Muralla said this is her mother’s own remedy for cough, colds and sore throats.

Garlic – garlic has a respiratory antiseptic attribute that can help you with chest or respiratory infection, as well as bronchitis and flu.

Pineapple – according to Yas Muralla, by eating pineapple, one can avoid dehydration while its natural anti-inflammatory properties can fight the fever.

Sage – this herb can be used in reducing laryngitis, sore throats and other mouth problems.

Lagundi- recently has become the most popular remedy due to the advent of this herb in tablet forms, produced in commercial volume. According to Yas Muralla, apart from being a remedy for cough, and asthma, Lagundi is also used for arthritis.

Yas Muralla, would like to emphasize that fever is just one of the natural reaction of your body in response to illness, because increasing the body’s temperature is its way of fighting germs. However, when the fever gets dangerously high, one has to consider taking remedies for fever. Yas Muralla also said that by drinking herbs with diaphoretic or sweat inducing properties is very important when your fever gets too high. By inducing sweat, your body will get rid more of the toxins that causes the disease.

According to Yas Muralla, it is important to select properly the herbs that you want to use because of possible allergic reactions.

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