Yas Muralla Health of your liver and hepatitis B

Ms. Yas Muralla recently gave a lecture sponsored by USANA about the importance of a healthy liver, its functions and hepatitis B. Yas Muralla explained that the liver holds approximately 1 pint of your blood at any given time and is the only organ in our body that can regenerate. The liver is very important in our digestive system as it produces bile which helps carry away wastes and breakdown of fats. Among its many functions, Yas Muralla emphasize that the liver clears our blood of drugs and other poisonous substances. It also resists infection and aids in removing bacteria from the bloodstream. Hence a healthy liver which acts as a first line of defense is very important.

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that causes inflammation of the liver. Inflammation occurs when organ tissues are damage, consequently causes the organ to not work properly. Hepatitis B can be transmitted through needles or body fluids and chances of getting increases if you have multiple partners. Hepa B can also be acquired if you were born of a mother infected with hepa B. While Acute Hepa B is a short term infection because sometimes the body is able to get rid of the virus for as long as you keep a healthy diet, Chronic Hepa B is a long lasting infection because the body has difficulty in getting rid of the virus on its own.

In most cases, Yas Muralla explained that most of her cases handled only knew about their infection, when they take their medical examination required for job placements. There are symptoms, but are usually ignored. Depending on the severity, lifestyle and obedience of the patient in the protocol Yas Muralla gives, treatment ranges from 1 to 6 months.

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