Yas Muralla- Aloe Vera- The Miracle Plant

In her long years of practicing Nutraceuticals and Natural Medicine, Yas Muralla has always incorporated Aloe Vera in most of her cases, from as simple as cough to as complicated as cancer. Aloe Vera is recognized worldwide and has been intensively used even in Biblical times because of its exceptional features. Aloe Vera, with its curative and regenerative properties, was carried by Alexander the Great on his conquests as the only palliative for bruises and injuries. In modern times, Aloe Vera is being rediscovered. Now, however, it has undergone more serious and in depth investigations, including laboratory analysis and controlled clinical tests that assure the effectiveness of its curative properties.

Because of its numerous peptides, Yas Muralla said that Aloe Vera can boost your Immune System, and purifies human body from toxins. Aloe Vera has an antiseptic capability and can also stimulate cell regeneration.
Although much of the Aloe Vera’s component is water, aloe vera still contains a significant amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and polysaccharides.

Yas Muralla said that: “Without Aloe Vera, I think I could have not helped a lot, I could have not stayed this long in my kind of service”

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