Yas Muralla Formulates a simple but potent health supplement.

Yas Muralla recently launched her own supplement called Fiber-C, a special blend of product specially manufactured to bind in a network of superior micronized fiber that allows time release of vitamin C. Fiber-C utilizes a unique and non-acidic vitamin C that does not store up in the kidneys. The fiber is so efficient that it traps and consumes more fat at a higher quantity.

According to Yas Muralla, Fiber-C taken at a regular basis will keep your digestive system healthy, and helps the liver function properly among its numerous benefits. The all natural, non-acidic vitamin C of the supplement, is absorbed properly by the body, therefore your body can give its immune system the most important nutrient it needs.

Fiber C is just one of the few products that has been carefully selected, sourced and manufactured personally by Yas Muralla for your health & beauty benefits. Among other products are the all natural wild honey, and the all Organic Soap exclusively produced for Yas Muralla from Europe.

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