Yas Muralla – Caring in Health and other way

Yas Muralla, is a Nutraceutical and Health consultant, who not only continuously seek ways to improve  health through simple and affordable way, she also helps in building dreams through her support and effort in various community development projects. Last year, she supported a project of GawadKalinga in Caloocan, the Swiber Village Project. For Yas Muralla, helping people build their homes, build their dreams, will make them happier and healthier.


To keep yourself healthy, Yas Muralla always believe that you can work and enjoy at the same time. It is always easier said than done, but according to Yas Muralla, “you just have to make time and do it because, for a person who always makes excuses, 24 hours a day is never enough time.”

After lectures, seminars, product sourcing, Yas Muralla always makes it a point to have a day or two to relax and enjoy what a place has to offer.

For Skin Problems, these are patients that are currently under the care of Yas Muralla, and all these patients have shown improvement.





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